Your Pay and Conditions of Employment

  • You are entitled to a written statement of your terms of employment (this includes pay, place of work) within 2 months of starting your employment. (You are entitled to a written statement if these terms change.). You are also entitled to a contract of employment.
  • You have a right to a written statement of wages (showing how much you earn and any deductions) each time you are paid.
  • The only money that can be taken out of your wages is: Tax or National Insurance as authorised by law OR Other expenses can only be deducted from your wages with your agreement, unless authorised by your contract of employment.
  • The National Minimum Wage, which all employers (excluding family members) are obliged by law to pay is: The rates change every October, for up-to-date rates click on
£6.50 per hour (from October 2013)
£5.13 per hour (from October 2013)
£3.79 per hour (from October 2013)

Rights of Agency Workers

The main rights of agency workers are: paid holiday, rest breaks and limits on working time; no unlawful deductions from wages; the National Minimum Wage; not to be discriminated against under any of the grounds covered by equality legislation.

New Rights for Agency Workers.

Agency workers, who have worked in the same job for 12 weeks, qualify for equal treatment in respect of pay and basic working conditions. The equal treatment provision in respect of pay will not apply, however, if you sign a permanent contract of employment with your agency which guarantees you pay between assignments.